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PLANET MAN: Episode #1

Dr. Darrow, Professor of Science
Pat, his kid
Slats the engineer
Billy, young stowaway
Jane, young stowaway
Dantro the Planet Man

Announcer: When we left the crew of Earth's first rocket expedition, (STING) they were headed for a crash on the Moon. (STING) We find Dr. Darrow, (STING), his daughter Pat (STING), Slats the engineer, (STING), and our two young stowaways, Billy and Jane (STING) discussing their dangerous predicament.

Slats: Our altimeter reading is dropping pretty fast, professor. Heading ten degrees starbord.

Pat: Well, what about using our remaining power to go into an orbit around the moon, as we discussed in our original plan?

Billy: Jane and I know what's going on. By golly, look at that! A mammoth!

Jane: Pat, we know this whole trip was spoiled 'cause we stowed aboard. It's all our fault!

Dr. Darrow: It's all right, Slats, we're all safe. It seems that we've met a friend, and his name is Dantro, the Planet Man.

Planet Man: My name is Dantro - the Planet Man. And I come in peace. I represent the League of Planets. And my mission is to bring all of you to Planeria Rex.

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